Greene Health Care Help Hospice Care Providers Manage New CR 8877 Rules in Hospice Care

As new rules governing notices of election and notices of termination are put in place, hospice care providers are now discovering the invaluable help of outsourced billing services in keeping up with these rapidly changing times.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued Change Request (CR) 8877, the new rules include timely filing of notices of election (NOE) and notices of termination (NOTR).

Beginning October 1, 2014, a hospice will only have five days to submit their NOE to the Medicare Administrative Contractor. Otherwise, the period between notices of election to submission will be classified as a non-covered period of time except during exceptional circumstances that are beyond the hospice’s control.

CR 8877 also now mandates the notification to Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) every time a beneficiary is discharged from the hospice or in the event of hospice benefit revocation. Similar to the NOE, hospices are now required to file an NOTR within five calendar days, unless the hospice has already filed a final claim.

For hospice care providers, complying with these rules means diligence in entering all clinical data including discharge information. While this is not always as easy as it sounds, hospice care providers have discovered the benefits of working with Greene Health Care (GHC). Greene Health Care provides hospice solutions in California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. GHC offers hospice billing services that include state-of-the-art hospice software at no additional cost helping hospices manage tedious billing requirements such as data entry, paperwork, and seemingly endless correspondences and follow-ups for claims payments.

“Our goal at Greene Health Care is to help hospice care providers do more and worry less about their billing, especially with these new rules and the rapidly changing standards of the industry,” Erika Tran, GHC Operations Analyst, said. “Billing issues can be quite troublesome and costly so we really encourage hospice care providers to let our services do that for them.”

She added, “We really specialize in making the financial aspect easy and convenient for hospice care providers, whether they are start-ups or industry veterans. The services have been proven to increase billing accuracy and eliminate double entries while cutting back on time, and on the costs and hassles of hiring an internal biller. We also use a ‘paid by performance model’ which means we only get paid once the client has been paid.”

According to Tran, our hospice billing services take great pride in its dedicated, reliable and committed team of billers who are experts in all aspects of hospice billing and reimbursement.

About Greene Health Care (GHC):

Established in 2009, Greene Health Care Inc is a leading provider of web based EMR hospice software and billing services. Their hospice billing services are used by more than one third of their existing clients’ and are provided by a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience and training in all aspects of hospice billing, compliance, and claims.

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