Monthly Archives: February 2015

Greene’s Hospice Mobile App is Here!

Southern California-based Greene Health Care Inc., a leading provider of web-based hospice software and billing services, has introduced a new hospice mobile app to help patients, families, and clinicians with valuable end of life care information. The app, which is available for free from the Apple AppStore and the Google Play store, provides clinicians with … Continue Reading

Top 3 Reasons Why All Hospices Will Require EMR Software in 2014

Greene Health Care Inc (GHC), a leading provider of web-based hospice software solutions including EMR software and billing services, presents the top 3 reasons why all hospices need to fully automate workflow to meet demanding regulatory compliance requirements in 2014. They are also announcing updates to their vendor’s electronic medical record (EMR) system, including the … Continue Reading

Hospice Quality Reporting

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandated the initiation of a quality reporting program for hospices. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) determines the quality measures that hospices must utilize and the processes hospices must use to submit data for those measures. Hospices that fail to submit required quality data in a … Continue Reading